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    WINGS OF DESIRE (dir. Wim Wenders) 1987

    whelp, this is one of the most beautiful posters i’ve seen, recently (Wings of Desire sure seems to inspire some good ones)

    i could be mistaken, but i believe it’s new-ish (read: not official promo material for the film’s theatrical release), and the work of an artist named Jessica Dikdan. note the little Criterion “C” watermarked in the bottom left, there. i could be wrong, it’s happened before… but i’m definitely right about the first part - this thing is great.


    There are so many good things.

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    Poster: BEING JOHN MALKOVICH (dir. Spike Jonze) 1999

    Designed By: Peter Strain

    so a little birdie told me that Criterion is going to announce a DVD & Blu-ray of the glorious Being John Malkovich on Wednesday (and by “a little birdie” i mean “everyone everywhere), and at this point the only real mystery surrounding the release is: what’s gonna wind up on the cover, and how many awards is Adele going to win for it? the film has certainly inspired its fair share of evocative poster art (i’m particularly partial to the “Vessel” approach), but i’d love for Criterion to go back to the drawing board with this one and have some fun with it. 

    this boldly different poster by UK artist Peter Strain is the kinda thing i had in mind… fresh, conceptual… it prompts the film to be reconsidered and not just simply repackaged. whatever design Criterion commits to, you can get Strain’s stuff for yourself if you’ve got 40 pounds to spare. 

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    2. The Cabinet of Dr Caligari - Robert Wiene

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    Jean-Luc Godard’s Weekend available now on Hulu Plus.

  10. They’re playing this at the cinematheque in Winnipeg in December. Looking forward to it!


    Criterion Collection are releasing Fassbinder’s World on a Wire in February, stoked!

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